Although Covid- 19 has changed the way we do things Casa de Amigos is still extremely busy serving our community. Check it out...

Every Tuesday from 9am- 11am we host a drive through medical clinic thanks to the Midland Fire Department. Call us at (432) 682- 9701 to schedule an appointment!

Every third Tuesday of the month the West Texas Mobile Food Bank comes to our site. Just drive on through to get some food!

On October 13th we gave out 53 free flu shots during our drive through BOO to The Flu event!

ESL classes are being held throughout our building. Between the masks and social distancing our students haven't complained, they are only excited to learn!

GED students are still continuing their studies virtually and passing their tests.

Even though we can't see our seniors every day we still keep in touch with them by calling and checking in and delivering food boxes to them. They are so ready to be back with their friends!

We have become experts on "drive through" events. Casa de Amigos is still here and ready to help you with anything you need. Like us on Facebook to keep up with what we're doing!

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If COVID-19 has you confined to your house we hope that this list of activities can save you from the inevitable cabin fever. Whether you're in a house full of kids or home alone there is something here for you!

10 Fun Ways to Remedy Cabin Fever

1. Puzzles

What better way to spend a day inside than putting together a puzzle? This is something the whole family can enjoy.

2. Indoor Treasure Hunt

An indoor treasure hunt is the perfect way to keep your kids busy and create great memories. Try the ready-made clues on this website

3. Mini Golf Course

Create a mini golf course with things you have laying around your house. You will need tin cans for the holes and cardboard or something sturdy for the putter. Get creative with your course!

4. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Hide things throughout your neighborhood and send your family on a scavenger hunt. What a fun way to get outside and burn some energy!

5. Board Games

There is nothing like sitting down for a card game or a "civil" game of Monopoly.

6. Work Out Your Brain

Cozy up on the couch with a book of word finds, crossword puzzles, sudoku.

7. Spring Cleaning

Now is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and organizing. In the situation that our community is in currently, taking control of our surroundings and the things we can change may be exactly what we need.

8. Catch Up On a Netflix Show

Visit the "Popular Right Now" section on Netflix and binge watch something entertaining.

9. Try a New Recipe

Trying a new recipe can be fun and if it goes well you can enjoy the results.

10. Learn to Crochet or Knit

Crocheting or knitting are great ways to pass time. There are tons of videos online to help you out.

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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

We've come a long way over the last 55 years!

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We recently celebrated 55 years of helping people help themselves with our groovy House of Friends fundraiser.


Peace, Love, and Party!