Message from the Executive Director


January, 2017

Dear Friends of Casa de Amigos,

So, I love Kid President.  For a kid, he has a lot of great things to say.

All kids have great things to say!  They are inspiring, unfiltered and amazing.  They have energy (sometimes a LOT of energy) and are always learning, watching and growing.  Kids are our future and they care about what is going on around them.  They care about their families and their friends, their teachers and people they don’t even know.  Kids mirror what they see.

The kids at Casa de Amigos are no different.  They are awesome!  Always learning, sharing and encouraging one another.  They want to be doctors, lawyers, policemen, carpenters and business owners.   They are smart, loud and fun.   We are always so impressed with the dedication our kids have.  Normally when a teacher refers a student to after school tutoring, they are beginning to fall behind or are struggling in some way.  All of our kids are making great progress!  One student went from making C’s to making A’s in just a 3 month period of time!  One of our 4th grade students has been involved in the tutoring program for several years and is always trying to help others.  She has excelled consistently since she began tutoring at Casa de Amigos and is paying it forward through her friendship and encouragement of others.

As we look forward to the upcoming semester, we are looking for more volunteers to encourage, mentor and motivate our kids at Casa de Amigos.  Volunteers are needed to help with homework, lead small reading groups or individual reading.  Bi-lingual tutors would be great to help our students learn their subjects in both the English and Spanish languages.

I’m going to leave you with a quote from Kid President.  All I have to say is “Believing in people is contagious!”  You can make a difference!



Tonya Eckert

Executive Director

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